Becoming Atlanta’s leading heating and cooling contractor did not happen overnight, and we made several innovative changes in the way we do business to ensure customer satisfaction.
Because Excellent Air and Heat has been committed to customer satisfaction and superior quality for many years, our Customer Service Center is ready to send the right service professional to perform repair services and install furnaces, air conditioners and boilers 7 days a week in order to fully satisfy our customers.

We Offer

We are specialists in air conditioning equipment.We carry out maintenance of air conditioned throughout Atlanta.Our technical service department for air conditioners will help you ensure that your equipment is always in good working order.In addition, if your air-conditioning is not working properly, we will help you solve it in the shortest possible time.


If your air conditioning unit broke down or is not functioning correctly, we can fix it for you quickly.


If you want to install an AC unit from scratch or want to upgrade, we can help you out.

More Information


AC Units need maintenance in order for them to function properly. We can carry out maintenance to prevent break down and to ensure full functionality of your unit.

Do you have any questions? We answer you

– Why is preventive maintenance necessary?
Preventive maintenance of an air conditioning system ensures the correct operation of the equipment and extends its useful life.
The maintenance service of air conditioners in Atlanta is suitable for commercial premises and houses.We put all our effort in offering a good service to our customers in everything related to advice, installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning equipment.

– Do you install air conditioners and heaters?
Yes, we install air conditioners and heaters throughout the Atlanta area.

-Is there any warranty for your service?
Yes, our guarantee for the maintenance of air conditioners is a commitment.If, after diagnosing and installing or repairing your air conditioner, your equipment has malfunctioning, Excellent Air and Heat takes over your case and will not charge you for the extra work on your air conditioning equipment.

– What is the value of the service?
The value of the air-conditioning maintenance service depends on the characteristics of the equipment, as well as on the possible malfunction prior to service.
To do this, please contact us, so our customer service team will answer any questions about our services and give you a free estimate.